"There is nothing more difficult to understand in the world than the tax code"

Albert Einstein

Canary Islands present:


  • A unique setting thanks to REF (Economic and Fiscal Regime):

    • The best tax system in Europe                                                                                      

  • A wide and diversified range of incentives.                                                               

  • A spectacular saving that has a direct influence on:

    • The product price.

    • The business profit.

    • The business value.

Advantages of the REF:


  • Lowest tax burden in Europe.


  • Reinvestment with higher tax impact (90%)

  • Companies at 4% Corporate Tax:

    • Savings of 84% versus the rest of Spain.

    • Savings of 90% versus France, Germany or Italy.

  • 7% IGIC Canary Islands versus 21% VAT in the rest of Spain.

  • The best tax breaks in the world for the Audiovisual Industry:

    • 50%-45% versus 30%-25% in the rest of Spain.        

  • Reduction of more than 75% in R+D+i.

  • Exemption from Non-Resident Income Tax:

    • No taxation on dividends leaving the Canary Islands.

  • Job creation through fiscal resources:

    • Up to 36,000 euros per person/year.

  • Subsidized transport.                                                                           

  • Free Zone.

  • Legal security.

"You have to pay taxes. But there's no law that says you have to tip"

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