"Culture is the extreme form of
singularity of a society"

Jean Beaudrillard

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The Canarian Singularity:

  • A unique transversal existing in the Canary Islands, thanks to its Economic and Fiscal Regime, which has historically boosted important sectors in the islands.                                                                         

  • In the new normality, it is an extraordinary instrument that allows the attraction of financing, reinvestment, the creation of new companies, the generation of quality employment and the commitment to new sectors.                                                                                        

  • It is a vital experience that goes beyond business and results in a strong social impact.

"Freedom is conjugated in the singular"

Simone de Beauvoir

  • Today, more than ever, it allows us to promote structural change based on innovations, technology, intelligence, talent and the knowledge economy.                                                                                                                                        

  • It transforms our businesses, highlighting what is singular, special, exclusive, and different about the people and the territory of the Canary Islands.                                                  

  • The territorial area with the best taxation in Europe opens up to the rest of the world, sharing its singularity

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