"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is a day with a great teacher."

Japanese proverb

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The development of people, businesses and companies, the commitment to innovation or social impact, make specialized training a necessity.


We develop different training products adapted to the new normality, where the canarian singularity is paramount.

We also understand that it is essential to contribute to the educational paradigm by providing tools from the earliest age to develop talent and, especially, to teach how to think to those who will lead entrepreneurship in the near future:

  • Digital educational approach:

    • Easy access.​

    • Reduced cost.

  • Virtual private networks:

    • Interactive environment.​

  • Flexible schedules:

    • Reconciliation of family life.​

  • Internationalisation of contents.

  • Commitment to collaborative learning. 

  • Practical and accessible approach to all audiences and ages.


We have experts who work as:

  • Guides and knowledge facilitators.

  • Coaches in the learning process.

  • Accompaniment and tutoring.


Invoicing is done through a system of:

  • Hourly vouchers. 

  • Reduced rates for entrepreneurs and families.


SENSEI also creates custom courses according to the client's needs.

SENSEI establishes a job exchange among course participants.  


Courses, Seminars and Masterclasses

  • Financial-Fiscal:

    • The Canarian Singularity.

    • REF (Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime)

    • ZEC (Canary Islands Special Zone).

    • RIC (Canary Islands Investment Reserve).

    • Patent Box.

    • Fiscal Application in the Audiovisual Sector.

    • Financial Instruments.

    • Alternative Financing Sources.

    • Estate Planning.

    • Banking Negotiation.

    • Financial Accounting.

    • Tax Inspection.

  • Business:

    • Creation of a company.

    • Business Plan.

    • Intangible Value.

    • R+D+i.

    • Negotiation with thrid parties.

    • Compliance in:

      • Data Protection.

      • Prevention of corporate liability.

      • Fraud and money laundering prevention.

  • Educational Paradigme:

    • Finances for Kids.

    • Distance Schooling.

    • Children's Innovation.

    • Age & Talent.

    • Digitalización.                                                                              

  • Audiovisual:

    • Film, Television & Musical Production. 

    • Character Analysis and Creation.

    • Film and Television Scriptwriting.

"Education breeds trust. Trust breed hope.
Hope breeds peace."