"Learning never tires the mind." 

Leonardo da Vinci

The development of companies and products makes specialised training a necessity, and even more so if we take into account the uniqueness of the Canary Islands, which offers an exceptional opportunity in the best financial-taxation area in Europe.

SENSEI bets on the pedagogical revolution in a Business School adapted to the new normality:

  • Digital educational approach.

  • Internationalisation of content.

  • Commitment to collaborative learning. 

  • Practical and accessible approach to all types of public. 

  • Virtual contact.

  • Elimination of displacement.

  • Innovation.


 SENSEI uses as means

  • Online education: 

    • Easy access.

  • Reduced costs.

  • Virtual private networks:

    • Interactive and global environment between students and teachers.

  • Flexibility of schedules.

    • Reconciliation with personal life.


SENSEI has international experts working as:

  • Guides and knowledge facilitators.

  • Coaches in the learning process.

  • Accompaniment and tutoring for entrepreneurs.


SENSEI creates custom courses according to the client.


SENSEI establishes a job bank with the participants in the courses. 

SENSEI invoices through a system of:

  • Hourly bonuses 

  • Reduced rates for entrepreneurs.


Courses, Seminars and Masterclasses

  • Finance &Taxation:

    • REF (Economic and Fiscal Regime of the Canary Islands)

    • ZEC (Canary Islands Special Zone).

    • RIC (Canary Islands Investment Reserve).

    • Patent Box.

    • Fiscal Application in Audiovisual Sector.

    • Financial Instruments.

    • Alternative Financing Sources.

    • Fixed income.

    • Fintech Finance and New Technologies.

    • Stock exchange.

    • Estate Planning.

    • Derivatives, Currencies and Interest Rates.

    • Forex.

    • Banking Negotiation.

    • Financial accounting.

    • Tax inspection.

  • Business:

    • Creation of a company.

    • Business Plan.

    • Intangibles & R+D+i.

    • Compliance in:

      • Data Protection.

      • Prevention of corporate responsibility.

      • Prevention of fraud and money laundering.

  • Audiovisual:

    • Film, television and music production. 

    • Analysis and creation of characters.

    • Film and Television Scriptwriting.

"If your financial advisor made you lose your investment money, don't blame him. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself if you are willing to reduce your risk by educating yourself".

Robert Kiyosaki