The evolution of Singular.Fund

We understand that any project created from innovation must respond to a need and must provide an effective solution.

In the case of SINGULAR.FUND, a project sponsored by SENSEI and LA SINGULARIDAD CANARIA, we also believe that it must take into account:

  • The social and economic impact

  • Democratize access to information and money

  • Provide easy-to-use tools

  • Ensure that whoever participates, from any of its areas, can have special benefits.

With that purpose we are working and we briefly describe the evolution of our platform:


  • SINGULAR.FUND was born as a response to the need of startups, creators and promoters of projects that need easy access to investors in the different stages of development of their company.

  • Usually, people with money and generators of ideas do not have all the spaces for meeting that could be expected and thousands of projects remain undiscovered, to which is added the fact that one and the other do not speak the same language, limiting the possibilities of reaching a successful outcome.


  • SINGULAR.FUND offers investors projects to invest in, filtered and adapted to their objectives of interest, optimizing the time of selection and review of proposals.

  • SINGULAR.FUND also provides project developers with the possibility of accessing differentiated sources of investment.

  • SINGULAR.FUND, in addition to project generators and investors, introduces a third element through professionals and service companies that enable friendly dialogue between the parties, so that any gaps can be filled anywhere, instantly and digitally.


  • SINGULAR.FUND likewise takes into account ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) criteria, with markers that enable the assessment of Social and Economic Impact, and more so at a time when entrepreneurial initiatives in this regard are a necessity.


  • Another need of entrepreneurs and investors is to know, in an agile and simplified way, the advantages that can be obtained thanks to economic - fiscal regimes, especially in countries or places of attraction of knowledge.

  • SINGULAR.FUND creates a comparator between different territorial areas or countries to be able to find out what is the benefit obtained depending on the investment and the implementation of the company in one place or another.

  • SINGULAR.FUND uses the Canary Islands and the REF (Economic and FiscalRegime of the Canary Islands) as a reference point, due to its extraordinary financial-fiscal tools that allow us to have the best taxation in Europe and extraordinary sources of financing thanks to these differential resources and incentives that are included in what we call THE CANARY SINGULARITY.


  • SINGULAR.FUND, as if it were a SINGLE WINDOW, seeks to simplify the entrepreneurship ecosystem, helping companies to have the right resources at all times.


  • In addition to PROFESSIONAL development, future users are also taken into account, and so an EDUCATIONAL area is accommodated, where future entrepreneurial change agents can experiment with the platform to put their ideas into practice and within their educational process, and so we bring SINGULAR.FUND to schools, colleges and universities.



SINGULAR. FUND is an online platform (Software as a Service-SaaS) that, as a onestop-

shop, serves as a meeting point between investment, projects, service providers,

public administration, educational institutions and the Singularity Canary Islands,

taking into account not only the indicators of the classical economy, but also the value

of social impact and sustainability markers, and all this with THE CANARY

SINGULARITY as a benchmark in a financial-fiscal comparator that places the Canary

Islands as a center of attraction for companies and investment, especially

entrepreneurship and the new economy.

We conceive the platform as an open ecosystem, which will be nourished by other

initiatives and together we will be able to accelerate the business transformation we

need to face the challenges of the 21st century.


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