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Work-Megan_Rexazin + Doctor-Kirillslov | Pixabay
Work-Megan_Rexazin + Doctor-Kirillslov | Pixabay

As with our bodies, it is essential to know the state of health of our own company, and for that it is necessary to evaluate the accounting, financial-fiscal documentation, and the investments you make.

The first step, therefore, is to perform a Checkup to see if we need to undergo any treatment, or in the case of any problem, see where to operate.

We provide you with an exhaustive checklist so you know where to look.

Don't get overwhelmed. All this information can be provided by whoever takes your accounts or administration.

And if there is something that is not so, count on SENSEI. We can also help you.


  • Registration in self-employed and current situation.

  • Registration of 036 and 037 forms.

  • Registration of dependent people or who work within your business.

  • Type of agreement or contract with these people (for the purpose of evaluating REF options or other official aids).

  • Be up to date with the Treasury and Social Security.


  • Balance sheet or balance sheet.

  • Profit and loss account or current state of the books.

  • Statement of changes in Net Worth.

  • Cash Flow Statement.

  • Liquidity Ratio.

  • Treasury Ratio.

  • Availability Ratio.

  • Number of accounting notes or entries per month or year (approximate figure).

  • Accounting closed in the previous two years.

  • Index of invoices, charges and monthly income.


  • Bank debt.

  • Credit Information Report (CIR).

  • Average balances according to bank.

  • Banks with which we work.

  • Bank account activity.


  • Form 111 (withholdings on account).

  • Form 115 (withholdings for rentals).

  • Form 130 (Income Tax).

  • Modelo 200 (IS).

  • Form 202 (Installment Payments).

  • Form 303 (VAT) in the event that it is also declared outside the Canary Islands.

  • Form 347 (Annual declaration of operations with third parties).

  • Form 349 (Informative declaration of intra-community operations).

  • Model 390 (VAT) Annual.

  • Model 420 (IGIC). There are exempt activities and in that case it should not be invoiced or settled.


  • Do you work with people or companies from the European Union or abroad?

  • Do you have a customer record from where the data is exported to 347?

  • Do you keep individual customer records at the accounting level?

  • What accounting software do you use?

  • Do you have the tables exported to .xls?

  • Do you trade foreign currencies?

  • Invoices to customers who are not in Spain?

  • What investments have been made so far in RIC?

  • How much remains to materialize of RIC and what are its times?

  • How does your office or business appear in accounting? Or is it a rented good?

  • Data about other relatives or third parties who want to be included in the business, to know if their registration is justified or possible.

  • Amounts that are being paid to contracted personnel.


  • Properties.

  • Loads associated with those properties.

  • Is this good or another your own? Patrimonial? Familiar? Is it documented with any kind of agreement or contract?

  • What other investments have you made, accounted for or not, for your business?

With this first check you can have a vision of how your business or company is, if it is viable, if it is being well managed, or if it has control needs, financing or any other issue.

And with this you approach whoever is necessary to seek the best advice.

If you want to save yourself headaches, never better than today applies the appointment:

Mens sana in corpore sano.

SENSEI has a system of BONDS where you can go to its professionals to make a different diagnosis, or singular, referring to the CANARIAN SINGULARITY, that is, those financial-fiscal instruments that, thanks to being in the Canary Islands, allow to have the best taxation in all of Europe.

HERE you also have the services, products and training that can provide you with all this knowledge.

You are welcomed to reach us out!!!

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