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Since I was a child I thought that numbers ruled the world... Life then teaches you that there is only one thing for sure and that, since it is impossible for it not to arrive, the later the better, and that besides money, there are many other things that have great value.

Versatility, polyvalence, capacity for global vision and empathy with different situations and characters, are values to be able to prosper.

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Since I was a child I thought that numbers ruled the world, so when I decided to study I did it in ECONOMICS and, as I had always lived in Asturias, it was easy to choose the UNIVERSIDAD DE OVIEDO.

For a 17-year-old boy it was essential to see a secure future and, at the time, it was thought to be a race with many exits. Life then teaches you that there is only one thing that is certain and that, since it is impossible for it not to come, the later the better, and that besides money, there are many other things that are of great value.

My vision of the world had been small until then, as it could not be otherwise in that small, protected and close world of my city, and it only began to transform when I made COU in BRISTOL, a town in the state of RHODE ISLAND (USA) that brought together descendants of several cultures: Anglo-Saxons, Italians and Portuguese. There everything was different, very big, in a very big country, and less safe and less close but very fascinating for me. It also meant a great transformation when I was for my Erasmus at the STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY in GLASGOW (Scotland). Then I realized that things could be less firm, more pragmatic and unbiased.

When I finished my degree I spent three long months doubting until I decided where to direct my professional development and, finally, looking for that balance that I have always sought in everything, I decided to continue studying, but moving to Madrid. Neither far nor near. Far enough to see things differently.  


I did my MBA at the INSTITUTO DE EMPRESA, a very prestigious business school, which would also help me to direct my steps towards the private sector, which was what attracted me most.

Thanks to those masters, and for the first time, I discovered what entrepreneurship and integral management of a company means, and I was also able to recognize the professional quality in people and in business. It was also a testing ground where I could see how versatility, polyvalence, the capacity for global vision and empathy with different situations and characters, are values to be able to prosper.

At the end of the MBA, the reality was somewhat distorted and somewhat different from what was expected: an economic crisis was announced, - and how many more will be announced - and I had to do my compulsory military service, so the opportunity came in the form of a job as a temporary intern at FORD ESPAÑA. Starting from the bottom was a very positive experience in terms of working alongside proven professionals and experiencing the importance of a system of procedures and relations between different departments, which are vital in a multinational.

After this training I returned to my home town and started working as an internal auditor at the BANCO DE ASTURIAS (later absorbed by the BANCO DE SABADELL), a task in which the internal procedures manual was crucial, not only at an operational level but also to comply with legal regulations. However, the tasks seemed few with all the burden learned at IE and the desire I had to apply all that knowledge.

To satisfy that appetite, and together with two other colleagues, I started my first business, EB MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, an integrated management consultancy focused essentially on SMEs in the area, although after two years, and considering that the demand was not enough, we had to leave the project and work for others. In my case at IMASA, a large company in the region, in a traditional sector (steel and engineering) and controlling the operations and accounts of each of the companies and divisions of this industrial group. Another point of view on how to run a business, which is always enriching, although I was still determined to find something new, more open and more related to what it means to manage different projects, so I not only looked for other professional but also geographical horizons, and decided to move to Tenerife, to work in a public financing consultancy for large tourism projects: DYRECT.

I was in charge of the correct planning and follow-up in the execution of tourist projects (4 and 5 star hotels, golf courses and other facilities of similar characteristics) throughout the country, seeking public financing from the European Union and, specifically, I was responsible for the control of the large national tourist groups, the good progress of each file in the public administration and the communication with the hotel employers, both in the Canary Islands and in the Peninsula, for the execution of proposals to the national government.

A situation of stability that lasted for seven years until another very attractive opportunity appeared, and which I accepted without hesitation: to be responsible for investments of ARICO 99, SCR, the only private Canary Islands venture capital company, created by important businessmen of the island of Tenerife, with the intention, in the long term, of developing projects in different economic sectors and not only in the traditional ones, with the ultimate aim of helping the diversification of the economy and also taking advantage of the fiscal incentives for investment derived from the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime.

I attended to many developers, always learning something from each one; I analyzed and studied their projects, and, as the case may be, I presented them to the company's Board of Directors for their assessment and final decision on the investment in the project.

This is where I started to really relate to tax incentives, as a possibility to use them to support investment projects, and incorporate them into the business model.

A year later another new economic crisis arrived; in this case, the one inherited from the famous subprimes, those rubbish mortgages that made the whole planet suffer, and society decided not to carry out the planned capital increases and, therefore, my position no longer made sense.

One of the promoters with the most important project that I had the opportunity to receive, asked me to collaborate with him in its implementation, and there began a very exciting stage, for all that it involved, since it was about creating an industrial and financial platform for the development of audiovisual products worldwide, with private investment that would benefit from tax incentives for investment in a way that had not been used until then.

DAVID V. MORA, its promoter, went beyond the mere numerical analysis of the project, with a brilliant dose of vital substance and of doing things differently, in spite of finding an environment not excessively receptive and very much affected by somewhat archaic business customs and political influences. The idea was to promote an audiovisual industry which, although it existed in the Canary Islands, was very small and with its approach became an essential axis for attracting large projects.

ATLANTIA CANARIAS, which was the name of the project, had that strong component of professional adventure, which made me accept, also without hesitation, becoming, in a certain way, a businessman, savouring what it meant to invest effort and time, and driven by a director-promoter with a vision that went beyond the mere obtaining of a salary, more or less subsidized, since I was faced with the challenge of dealing with different fields to achieve changes in the economic and social culture.

Models were presented for different investor profiles, in audiovisual projects of all types, with the obtaining of different returns, also counter-guaranteed with insurance and guarantees developed in the Anglo-Saxon industry and practically unknown in our country.

I dealt with investment funds, with local, national and international private investors and also with many product promoters (essentially films and series) who were offered financing on very good terms; all with a very well-conceived structure and with absolutely viable business plans.

The project, after three years of hard work and, even with impressive partners and collaborators, after having even supported a reform of the law itself to benefit the industry, came to a standstill. The reasons, I think I'm not the person who should explain them, but I can assure you that the conjectures of some and others can not be further from the reality that, on the other hand, are explained in a very simple way, especially when we see how the day to day of this country works, or maybe of all. What I am sure of is that this project is still alive and will be activated again, and perhaps even to the surprise of those who hindered it or, in the best of cases, those who still wish it to happen.

I, not only made a good handful of friends, but also learned a lot and in fact, I soon had another option to continue with a group of promoters related to the film industry and real estate, who, knowing the system of incentives, created a company, STUDIO INDIE CAPITAL PARTNERS for the intermediation in obtaining private investment from the Canary Islands for the making of international feature films. Under their umbrella, I attended the AFM (AMERICAN FILM MARKET), for me as the industrial version of the Oscars. Impressive everything. The most important trade show in the world at the heart of the industry. Permanent meetings with all kinds of participants (except for the artistic part), both in the Convention Center and with important companies in Los Angeles, in very high level and very fruitful days, very energetic and, in short, a full experience. It was as if he had made an intense and total immersion, and left the sector impregnated.

Again good people, although after a first impulse they decided to return to the business they knew best and finally I joined EKIYOO MEDIA, which leads again, DAVID V. MORA with an extraordinary tenacity, fighting ability and commitment.


When he told me about EDUARDO MEDINA, how as a minor he had set up his first company and how he had decided to take SENSEI forward, with the people he had and was trying to count on, I put myself in his shoes and remembered my beginnings wanting to do new things, so I gave him all my support, and here I am to make that initiative a success, insofar as my knowledge can contribute to it.