"Take care of small expenses;
a small hole sinks a ship"

Benjamin Franklin

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The Canary Islands, thanks to being considered a special area because of its ultraperiphery, offers:

  • Excellent investment incentives.

  • Unique sources of funding.

  • Increased access to funds.

  • A call and multiplier effect on capital and industry worldwide.

The Canary Islands, thanks to the incorporation of tax incentives, insurance and guarantees to the financial instruments, allows:

  • Develop more protected investments with higher returns than in other territorial areas.


The Canary Islands, thanks to their privileged situation, facilitate:

  • Extraordinary advantages over other competitors.

  • The best adaptation to the changes of the new normality.

"Wall Street is the only place in the world where you go in a Rolls Royce to be advised by those who arrive by subway"

Warren Buffett

Financial Facilities:

  • Extraordinary financing thanks to tax incentives.

  • Private investment through RIC:

    • Financing in own assets or in other companies.

    • Reinvestment with a 90% tax reduction.​

  • Public investment:

    • Up to 85% (with Participatory Loans).

    • From EUR 50,000 to EUR 1,000,000

  • Special financing for the Audiovisual sector.

  • Obtaining residence in the Schengen zone by investment.

  • Projects with high profitability.

  • Insurance and investment guarantees.                                             

  • Legal security.