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We are all teachers of all.

Parents always try to show their children a way and give the best of their knowledge. In the case of mine, it has also made me respect what I do, love this profession and understand how relations with the tax authorities affect each person individually. I am extremely grateful.

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Tax & Corporate Consultant

"We are all teachers of all".

That phrase for me is practically a guide that has driven my whole life, personal and professional.

When EDUARDO MEDINA proposed that I participate in SENSEI, I thought that he was coming to endorse that guide. SENSEI is the way in which teachers are designated and perhaps the best way to approach me to explain who I am, and what I am interested in, is to do it through my teachers.

My first great teacher is my father.

Since I could, I started working by his side. I was 17 years old. He's an expert in dealing with the Public Administration, and especially the IRS.


What is always an "impossible" for my father is always "there is a way to get it", and that is that experience counts for a lot: He walked the halls and office for years and years, carrying out thousands of procedures and his know-how is impressive.

Parents always try to show their children a way and give the best of their knowledge. In the case of mine, it has also made me respect what I do, love this profession and understand how relations with the tax authorities affect each person individually. I am extremely grateful.

My university education was therefore focused on BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT, as well as LAW at the UNIVERSIDAD CEU SAN PABLO (MADRID).

My stay on campus, I lived it to the fullest, squeezing every possible moment.

I was part of the START-IN-CEU team when it was founded in the FACULTY OF ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS SCIENCES, an association that brought real-world companies (not just the one in our books) closer to the students, offering integrated internships in which we coordinated the selection of those students and the teams to serve or present projects to those companies. Later on, I was part of the founding management team of the University's ENTREPRENEURS' CLUB, from where we offered talks, training and mentoring for entrepreneurial projects in the initial or development phase.

At CEU SAN PABLO I was also Coordinator of the II Edition of the COURSE ON THE LAW OF ENERGY IN THE EUROPEAN UNION.

MARTA VILLAR is the Professor of FINANCIAL AND TAX LAW, and in the last year of my studies she offered me to collaborate in her department to be assistant in a project of RESEARCH OF THE EUROPEAN UNION ON ENVIRONMENTAL TAX COMPETITIVENESS through the INSTITUTE OF EUROPEAN STUDIES with its later celebration of CONGRESS (ENERGY TAXATION, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND STATE AIDS: TRACING THE PATH FROM DIVERGENCE TO CONVERGENCE), and from that moment on, more collaborations, including the organization of the 19th GLOBAL CONGRESS ENVIROMENTAL TAXATION, an international congress that takes place every year in a different country on environmental taxation, and which that year corresponded to Spain.  She has been not only a teacher and a master, but a person from whom I have learned a lot about her humility and her excellent and outstanding professional career. She is my second great sensei.

HECTOR DANIEL, has been my third teacher.

We work together in the legal advice of TECNOVE GROUP, an international holding dedicated to the manufacture of bodywork, signage, digital marketing, construction of logistics camps, catering, maintenance and agro-food consulting. It is a group formed by nine companies specialized in high technology products in the sectors of defense, security, health, education, telecommunications, refrigerated transport, corporate image and services. Despite the company's large size and marketing its products in 60 countries, the legal team was him and me. A lot of work, but a real pleasure because from the first moment he committed himself to me that he would be absolutely formative, and he more than fulfilled his word. I learned a lot during the time I spent with him, and he gave me a lot of insight into the attention to detail, the reason why certain things were done, and many suggestions that will never go ignored for my future.

At that time, I had already finished my MASTER'S IN ADVOCACY at the same university as my degrees, with a specialization in BUSINESS LAW

I became a member of the Bar Association and started to work as a freelance lawyer associated with other professionals I met during my studies, mainly with small and medium sized companies and freelancers. In fact, one of my first clients was my former mentor HECTOR DANIEL.

Previously I had worked as a Partner and Legal-Financial Manager of LEISURE ATELIER, a company that organizes events related to fashion and luxury, where I had, among my functions, the forecasting, planning and risk control, the negotiation and drafting of contracts, or the management of liquidity and costs, in addition to internal legal advice. 

I also had the opportunity to teach, something I am also passionate about, and so I taught courses in COMPORATIVE COMPLIANCE IN CRIMINAL MATTERS in the MASTER'S PROFESSIONAL ACCESS TO THE LAWYER'S OFFICE at the CEU SAN PABLO University and in FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING and LAW in continuous training for companies.


Life takes many paths and often returns to the origin.

In recent years, with my father and two other professionals, we founded the ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF MEXICAN PRODUCTS IN SPAIN AND EUROPE (EUROMEX), whose objective is to promote and develop the import of Mexican products and services into Spain.

In 2020, and following the path of relationship with associations, I was appointed Deputy Secretary of the SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF FINANCIAL LAW (AEDF), which is the Spanish branch of the INTERNATIONAL TAX ASSOCIATION (IFA) and is also a partner of the LATIN AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TAX LAW (ILADT).

I like to write and publish opinion and legal articles occasionally. I think there is another phrase that unites all of us at SENSEI: "From the exchange of ideas new lights emerge".